Yarned and Dangerous

I started knitting and crocheting as a hobby because I always loved making things. I was the kid that always got in trouble for cutting up the curtains to make clothes for my dolls. I found a knitting book at a thrift store, picked up some yarn, and started practicing. The first scarf I ever made started off 6 inches on one end, and 13 at the other. Not sure how that happened, but i kept on practicing.

Then i started making hats, and got the idea for personalized non traditional xmas stockings. I was making them for friends and family members, and they started getting popular really quick.

Then, I found a book on crocheting toys. I tried to make some cute toys for my daughter, but everything turned out ugly and creepy. Not sure how, or why...but I figured if I stuck to making Monsters then ugly and creepy would work! I kept on practicing, made some zombie dolls of my friends, then started making some characters from my favorite horror movies, Once I had a few designs I liked, I vended at a pop up art show at a local bar...and I just kept moving forward.

Since then I have sold my dolls at several art shows and horror conventions. I have traveled and sold in the New Orleans Frenchmans Arts market, hosted crochet classes at conventions, was on a local talk show attempting to make eyeballs with the hosts, and used my work to raise money for several charities in the area and across the country. My work was featured in a local arts magazine, and I've been interviewed on several podcasts expressing my love for fiber arts and my twisted way of ruining your grandmas favorite hobby.

I am still practicing and learning new techniques to improve my designs. I enjoy each and every doll I make, so know when you purchase something from here it is made with LOVE <3

Thank you for supporting me!

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